Arjuna The Victor

I have created this blog to provide and share the information about the Arjuna, who was the Victor, who never defeated, never fled from Battlefield, who was most dearer to Krishna the Supreme Lord, who was most kindness person, who was Bharta, who was the Purushottma.

And more and more to about Arjuna who was Sabyasaci(who can shoot the arrows from the both arms).

Arjuna was the Gudakesha(who have control on Sleep).

He was wielding the bow which were created by Brahma himself “Gandiva”.

He was praised by Tryambka(The Lord Mahadeva), and achieved that weapon which was destroyer of Universe with mobile, immobile creatures as well.

so wait, soon I’ll post all of incidents which were happened in Arjunas life from Ved Vyas Mahabharata.

Shree Hari.


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