Arjuna in Short !!!


In this post I’m not going to tell you the things, which is not known to anyone. It is just a summary of about “Arjuna” in short, so after that I can start the post with interesting information’s.

ArJuna was middle Pandava and was most important character of the longest epic in the World.  He was Hero and he achieved every objects, which is a dream only for humans, Devas, Rakshas, Gandharvas and Yakshas.

  • He was the son of Great King Pandu and a Greatest lady in the three world “KUNTI”.
  • He was the Favorite students of Drona.
  • He was quickest learner ever in the world.
  • He was master of Dhanurveda.
  • He was Great & Most Dearer Friend or soul of the Master of the Universe (Krishna Vasudeva). 
  • He was Nara (Great Rishi).
  • He was Indra’s son as well.
  • He was father of Mighty warrior Abhimanyu (Saubhdra).  
  • He was Favorite Grandson of Bhisma.
  • Ultimately  he was Bharta.

There is no end about Arjuna……………. More and More are coming with the speed of the wind or the light.

Shri Hari,

Deepak Kumar Jha (A Learner)


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