Forget The Things Around You – HIT THE TARGET

काग्चेष्टा वको धयानम स्वान निंद्रा तथैव च ।

अ‍ल्पहारि गृह्त्यागि विद्याथ्रिग पंच लक्षणं ।।

A nationalist always take the vow to serve his country, a saint always take the vow to do the penance, save the dharma and perform Yajya, an army take the vow they will save the country from external or internal attacks, like that Arjuna has taken a vow he will fulfill the desire of Drona.

Arjuna became a favorite pupil of Drona among the all. He was Humble, Quick Learner, Smarter, Faster, Intelligent, Gudkesha (who can fight in Darkness as well), Savyasachi and Obedient of elders and Teachers.

Vijaya was special, not just in his knowledge of weapons, but also in his devotion to his preceptor, though the instructions were the same for everyone. Alone among all the princes, Arjuna became an ATIRATHA. (who can singly handle 60000).

When they (Drona Pupils) all were learning and practicing the arms, one day Drona desirous of testing the comparative (Examine) excellence of all his pupils in the use of arms, collected them all together after their education had been completed. And before assembling them together, he had caused an artificial bird, as it would be aim, to be placed on the top of a neighboring tree. And when they were all together, Drona said unto them, “Quickly pick up your bows, all of you. Fix arrows to the string of the bow, stand here and aim at that bird in the tree. O sons! When I give you permission, one after another, slice off the bird’s head.”

Drona (the master of Vedas and weapons) said to Yudhishthira (Dharma son) first “O invincible one! Aim with your arrow and let it go, as soon as I have asked you to.”

Yudhishthira taken a great bow, fixed an arrow like serpents, and aiming at bird and said “Yes Sir, I’m Ready.”

Drona asked “O prince! Can you see that bird on the top of the tree?”

Yudhishthira said “I can see it.”

Drona again asked, “Can you see the tree? Can you see me? Can you see your brothers?”

In reply to each question, Dharma son answered, one after the other: “I can see the large tree. I can see you. I can see the bird. I can see my brothers and everything’s.”

Drona was displeased at these words and reproachfully told him, “This is not for you. You will not be able to HIT THE TARGET.”

By the way, The post is not analytical mode till now, but now here we have to take a break.

Really Yudhishthira was not capable to HIT THE TARGET?

No, he was capable, Yudhishthira was supreme in fighting with chariots (Not a simple fighter). He was thinking himself as a future Yuvaraja and King or we can say he was preparing and learning the things as like king. He was Dharma son, how he could ignore the things, which were happening near/behind to him. He was seeing everything, because he should to see.

Here we have to learn about the responsibility of Kings and warrior. Kings responsibilities are always Greater then a warrior, A king is responsible for the entire state, country (Nation), every individual and whole cause of the wars. A Great King always accept the peace, not a war. Yudhishthira didn’t said anything wrong here, however Drona was looking for a warrior, who can defeat the Drupda and capture him.

Warriors aim is always fix to destroy the foes, won the war and competition and HIT THE TARGET. Drona was thinking in his mind ‘I’m looking for 2nd Drona aka ARJUNA.’ Don’t forget the TARGET.  

Then the Drona placed Duryodhana in the same position and Dhritarashtra’s other sons, one after another, so as to test them. Bhima and the other students and the kings who had come from other countries were also asked. All of them said that they could see everything and were scolded.

Here all the Kings and Drona’s pupils answered same as DharmRaja, “COPY CAT”.

‘बड़े भाई ने कहा हैं तो सही ही कहा होगा’ LOL.. DharmaRaja said to all in his mind ‘Main Hu Kon

All said in his mind “You are not a Don, but you are the son of D (Dharma).”

Then Drona called his favorite student Savyasachi (Who can shoot the arrow from both hand as equal). He was the Lion among all, he was like the Rama (Dasratha Son), he was equal to Keshva and Indra, he was walking like bull, his strength was unequal.

Drona said “O son, This target is for you to shoot down (It was confidence not over-confidence). Listen. As soon as I ask you to, you must shoot. O son! Stand here for a moment, with your bow taut.”

Savyasachi-Vijaya drew his bow into a semicircle, aimed at the target and stood there, as his preceptor had instructed. After a while, Drona asked him in the same way. “O Arjuna! Do you see the bird seated there? Do you see the tree? Do you see me?”

Arjuna replied, “I can only see the bird (TARGET). I cannot see the tree. Nor can I see you.”

Drona pleased with answer and waited again for a moment. Then he again addressed the Vijaya, Lion among warriors. “If you can see the bird (TARGET), describe it to me.”

Arjuna replied, “I can only see the bird’s (TARGET, nothing else) head. I cannot see its body.”

Here I remember, what my Grandfather was telling me in childhood.

काग्चेष्टा वको धयानम स्वान निंद्रा तथैव च ।

अ‍ल्पहारि गृह्त्यागि विद्याथ्रिग पंच लक्षणं ।।                

At Arjuna’s words, Drona was delighted and his hair stood up. He told Partha, “Shoot,” and Vijaya let the arrow go with speed of wind and light.

The Vijaya sliced off the head of the bird on the tree with his sharp arrow and brought it down on the ground. When Vijaya succeeded in this task, Drona embraced him and deduced that Drupada and his relatives had already been vanquished in battle.

It was not only achievement of Arjuna, Drona also succeeded in treachery. He had already won, what was his motive.

Warrior are ready to fight, HIT THE TARGET.

Here TARGET was Bird (Head), but not every time the TARGET would be same. Next time, it will Drupda’s Head in Drona feet. Who will achieve that?

Shree Hari…

Deepak Kumar Jha (A Learner)


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