Warrior of Sympathies

In the beginning, My motive was not post any comparison threads on this blog, however while visiting on Quora, one of the question (Why is Karna more popular than Arjuna?) was very Dramatically asked by one of the USER. Everyone has answered the question in own way and I did so…

The Threads  are in 3 Parts (Like 3 Kaunteya)

Part 1

I Replied on Quora…

I don’t know what is the source of your knowledge and parameters of popularity on basis that you decided “Karna was/is more popular than Arjuna.”

FYI… Kaurvas gathered 11 and more Akshohauni army and Pandvas gathered only 7. It means Kaurva was more popular and Dharma followers then Pandvas? #ROFL

Even a terrorist(Karna was not a terrorist:- it’s an example only) has also the followers, however it’s hard to find the follower of common man, it means Terrorist is better than common man. Again #ROFL..

I don’t know who is the followers of Karna and why.

So let’s just comparing the difficulty that Karna and Arjuna faced.

  1. Karna and Arjuna both were born by Kunti to taking the help to Surya and Indra respectively. (Both were born as Kshatriya and amshas of Devas.)


  1. Kunti was throw away to Karna (as per some observers), however Kunti didn’t throw him, he was already secured by Surya and it was granted by surya, he will be safe but Arjuna was born in Kunti lap and lived happily. Here Karna gained the sympathy (Not actually but it should be)…..


  1. When Karna was adopted by Adhiratha(Royal charioteer of Dhritarashtra and cousin brother of Jarasandha) and Radha, he lived happily, however when Arjuna was born, he was in forest and when Arjuna was 14 years of age his father Pandu died. Arjuna lost his father and his teacher (Arjuna was learning Dhanurvidya to Pandu) as well. Arjuna gaining sympathy here.


  1. When Arjuna went to Nagasahrya (Hastinapur) he faced his enemy cousins with Karna. Karna and Duryodhna friendship was already established there, Karna was using all facilities, which was available for Duryodhna, but Pandvas having partial facilities. Arjuna again gaining sympathy here… but I’m not giving any sympathy to Arjuna because he was brave. Both are Equal….


  1. In Ashram of Learning (Gurukul) everyone were pupils of Gautma son(Kripa) first then Drona. Brahma weapon given to Arjuna not Karna because of his jealousy. Because he wanted to fight to a guy who is 20–25 years younger than him. #ROFL….. Karna was not so quick learner, so no problem if he was liking to fight with Arjuna(20 years younger than Karna). Again Arjuna’s learning surpassed the all of the Pupils of Drona. But here I’m not giving any single credit to Arjuna because he was quick learner, it was not the problem of Karna . Both are equal or Karna gaining sympathy because Drona didn’t give him the Brahma weapon.


  1. Arjuna defeated Drupda but Karna and All Kaurvas was not succeed but no points going to anyone because it is the discussion of sympathy not for achievement. Both are equal again…..


  1. In Rangshala Karna was Insulted by Bhima as per some observers, however Bhima didn’t did that, but I’m giving credit to Karna(will discuss letter, how Bhima didn’t insulted so called sutputra).


  1. In Rangshala Karna became a King, however Arjuna was still a Prince only. Karna’s star was more brighter than Arjuna. Karna lost here, Arjuna not gained anything except Victory, but Victory is always best achievement. So both are equal here again….


Note :- Here I would like to request to Arjuna’s followers, please don’t abuse me, it is not my fault if Karna is getting more sympathies then Arjuna. (I think Arjuna don’t like sympathy, but let see what happens). I can accept the harass words but not abusing words.

  1. Karna learned the Brahma weapon to Jamdagni son (Parshurama) and received a boon…. ohh it was curse.. (O Brahmana, I’m the Brahmin of Bhargava Gotra/race).. But sympathy is there..


  1. Arjuna won the hand of Krishnaa and Karna lost. Here Karna gaining sympathy, पहले बङे भाई की शादी होती हैं ॥ Karna victory was require. However as per some observers or storyteller Karna lost his one of the Great fighter Son (9 Years Child) Sudaman there while fighting with Arjuna. बाप की शादी में ऐक बेटा शहीद ही सही ॥ Karna is gaining sympathy here.


  1. Now Karna is king and Arjuna and Pandavas gained #Baba_Ji_Ka_Thullu aka Khandvaprashta. Arjuna and Pandvas are getting sympathy here.


  1. In Indraprashtha once Arjuna entered the Yudhisthira and Krishnaa(Draupdi) room and got 14 years of exile as per vow (To saving the Brahmanas wealth). Karna was enjoying royal ship of Anga and Hashtinapur. Arjuna is gaining sympathy here.


  1. Arjuna and Pandvas started the Digvijya Abhiyan(World Victory – Vishaw Vijeta) and Karna defeated by Bhima. Here again Karna gaining sympathy.



Arjuna defeated Indra with all Adityas (भाई लोग इसमें सुर्य देव नही थे ॥) इसमें महारथी कर्ण का कोइ दोष नहीं ॥ no credit for Arjuna, both are equal again.


  1. Pandvas performed Rajsuya Yajya and spread the Dharma in the world to taking the support and help to the Krishna (Narayan). (Here what could Karna do) so no credit for Pandvas or Arjuna. Yes we can give one more sympathy to Karna and Kaurva here because they got a great pain in their heart, while Rajsuya Yajya… but I’m not a Daanvir Karna so no credit for anyone. Both are equal…


  1. Ohh… I missed one more sympathy for Karna… Bhima defeated to Jarasandha not only defeated slain too. (Uncle of Karna cousin of Adhirath, whom Karna defeated in His fantasy world). Karna gaining sympathy here…


Score of Sympathy till now..

ARJUNA >>> 4

KARNA >>> 7

EQUAL >>> 5

Karna is leading till now…

Shree Hari..

More compression in Queue…..


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