Warrior of Sympathies – Part 2

हर किसी की जीत में किसी न किसी का हार छुपा होता हैं !!

In the previous part, we have read the list of sympathies, which Ajuna and Karan faced. Thread is Continue…

Part 1 – https://arjunathevictor.wordpress.com/2017/02/16/warrior-of-sympathies/

Score of Sympathy till now..

ARJUNA >>> 4

KARNA >>> 7

EQUAL >>> 5

Here one of lyrics is very suitable for thread from BROTHERS…

टुकड़ों में बिखरा अँधेरा 

चमका सितारा जो तेरा 

अम्बर पे आ दस्तखत कर दे 

तू अब तलक था अधूरा 

होने ही वाला है पूरा 

हद से गुज़र जा तू हद कर दे 

है छाँह तो है रास्ता 

ये जान ले ज़रा 

मुमकिन नहीं है क्या अगर 

तू ठान ले ज़रा 

Yes, what he (Arjuna) was committed, is fulfilled, nothing is left. He defeated to all his enemies and achieved the task like Narayana himself. He was crusher of foes. He was the Victor (Vijaya).

हर डर का हटा दे कोहरा 

ताक़त तू बन मोहरा 

हर लक्ष्य को भेद के दिखला दे

अर्जुन की कहानी दोहरा 

He was example of achievements, and he was the best (Narottam & Purshottam) and mightiest (Atiratha).

Here, I was missed one of big incident on previous part, which were happened with Arjuna and His brothers and his mother (Kunti).

Duryodhana with his best friend (Karna) and Shakuni made the plan to burn all (Pandvas and Kunti) of them alive (Varnavata), however it was happened twice with Kunti. Due to this incident, Pandava was Outside of Hastinapur for many years and suffered a lot.


Karna was the part of Kali (Rakshasa-Duryodhana) and his friends (Hidden Friends) like Baka, Hidimba etc were slain by Bhima, of-course if they will be alive at the time of Great war, then they could fight from Kauravas side. Therefore, Bhima was the reason for decreasing Kaurvas strengths. Here Karna is gaining one more sympathy.


In Dyuta Sabha, Pandava lost his Kingdom and Draupdi molestation happened; they were like slave and got 13 years of exile. Total loss of Pandavas.


Arjuna got the Pashupata weapon from three eyed God Mahadev and Karna got nothing.. #ROFL


Arjuna got all the other Divyastra’s from Indra, Varuna, Kuvera and others and Karna got nothing again…


In the Indraloka (Heaven) Arjuna got one of the curse from Urvashi the ancestral mother of Kuru.


Arjuna slain the Nivatkavchas (Even, Devta’s were not able defeat them – AGAIN SURYA DEV WAS THERE #LOL) and destroyed the Hiranypura. Karna lost…


Note:- Sometimes post looks like a comedy story or punch-line, but please be patience after all you will get the most awaited result. (Who was more popular Karna or Arjuna) 

Bhima again slew the Jatasura the mighty Rakshasa in Vana Parva. Karna lost again one warrior..


Bhima again had slain the Manimana the mighty Rakshasa in Vana Parva. Karna lost once again a warrior..


In Ghosha Yatra Parva; again Karna and Kaurvas lost the battle with Gandharva’s and freed by Arjuna and Bhima. (Karna loss means = Karna Victory and Arjuna loss = Arjuna Victory)


When Pandavas were in Exile, Duryodhna with Karna performed a Great Yajaya called Vaishnav Yajaya and gained the prosperity. However, Pandavas were facing difficulties in Vana (aaryanya).


In Vana Parva again a ill minded warrior, king of Sindhu (Jayadrtha) tried to abduct the Draupdi (Who had five husband like 5 Indras) and badly deafeted by Arjuna and Bhima and lost his friends too.

>>ARJUNA WON (Due to misery they {Pandva’s} faced)

Karna lost his Kavch-Kundala, here I’ll not say it was charity (with kavach-kundla he was defeated by Arjuna before). It was exchange with Indra’s Shakti Weapon. (Full stories and conversation will post)

—- Narrative “O lord! O lord of the gods! I know who you are. O Shakra! It is not proper for me to give you a boon that will be in vain. You are the lord of the gods himself and it is you who should give me a boon, since you are the lord of all other beings and the creator of all beings. O god! If I give you my earrings and armour, I will be liable to be killed. O Shakra! You will become an object of ridicule. O Shakra! Therefore, take my earrings and supreme armour, if you so wish. But take them in exchange. Otherwise, I will not give them.”


>> KARNA WON (Due to loss, not considering achievement of Indra’s Shakti)

Pandavas thirteenth year in disguise in King Virata’s kingdom as slave. Yudhishthira becomes Kanka, Bhima becomes Ballava, Arjuna becomes Brihannada, Nakula becomes Granthika, Sahadeva becomes Tantipala and Droupadi becomes Sairandhri.



The evil mind Kichaka lusts after Droupadi, again Draupdi molestation happened and finally Kichaka with his brothers (105) killed by Bhima. (Here, Karna and Arjuna both are equal, because Karna lost his warrior or Friend like 105 Kichaka’s {Suta’s} but considering Draupdi molestations again and it was the darkest part of that era. Hence Arjuna is gaining more sympathy then Kama {Another Name of Karna})


Goharna Part #ROFL..

The Kouravas and Trigartas invade Matsya to rob Virata of his cattle but are defeated by the Pandavas. All the Kaurvas defeated by Arjuna single-handly (However, Arjuna was savyasachi {who could shoot the arrow by both hand as equal #LOL}, he might be used both hand – so no single-handly). Karna defeated twice and lost his brother.

>> KARNA WON (अजीब बात हैं न किसी की हार में किसी का जीत छुपा हैं)

The Kurus and the Pandavas send word to their allies; Duryodhana and Arjuna went to Krishna to seek help and Ajruna chooses Krishna (Narayana) and Duryodhana Narayani Sena. Karna also got same charioteer (Madra Naresh – Shalya) as equal (In fantasy world) to Krishna.


Sanjaya Yana Parva —

Sanjaya conveys Arjuna’s message and there is a discussion in the assembly of the Kurus; Karna refuses to fight until Bhishma has fallen (ये अंकल बहुत चिढाते है, मै तब तक नहीं लडुंगा जब तक ये अंकल मर नही जाते “बहुत चिढाते है ये अंकल मुझको” )

>> BOTH ARE EQUAL (Here, no one won because Bhisma ultimately saved the life of Karna for ten days more and here Arjuna could earn more sympathy{कर्ण के साथ ज्यादा खेलने का मौका नही मिला})

Krishna went to Hastinapur as a messenger (ShantiDoot) to the Kurus and tried for peace, however they (Duryodhna, Karna, Shakuni and Dushashan) were tried to capture the master of the World (Who is already captured and can be capture by his devotee’s only); Krishna fails and war is inevitable.

>> BOTH ARE EQUAL (Here was lost of Bharata – The Country — India)

Peace is always better then war at any cost, it does not mean you have leave your rights (RTI).  जनहित में जारी !!!

Combined Score of Sympathy …

ARJUNA >>> 11

KARNA >>> 16

EQUAL >>> 8 

Karna was really a leader of sympathies…. Leading…

Article is Continue….

Shree Hari…

Deepak Kumar Jha (A Learner)


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