Chronological Refrence

Part 1 : Creation of the World

Part 2 : Creation of the World: Science

Additional Reading : WHAT IS EARTH?

Before I will go and write the long articles on Mahabharata Chronology and Age of Manvantras, Yugas etc, we would have to learn first about the Chronology.

Chronology is closely connected with history and archaeology. The Great Importance of archaeological research has been acknowledged by most advance nations.

The Indian Government has created a special department of archaeology for the discovery and preservation of the ancient relics of Indian arts and architecture…….. 

Please download the Book Indian-And-Foreign-Chronology for chronology analysis and it will help you to understand the next post.

Download Here.. Indian-And-Foreign-Chronology By V.B. Ketkar Published- 11th Oct 1921

Note: There are many more books available with me, which i’ll upload according the post. 

Next Part :- Creation of the world from Indian Scriptures


Shree Hari…

Deepak Kumar Jha (A Learner)



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