Karna: The Pupil of Drona

Karna was friend of Duryodhna before the learning (Gurukul) period with Kripa and Drona and Rama (Parshurama), Mahabharata describe “Then Duryodhana, Karna and Subala’s son Shakuni tried many other means to kill the Pandavas. However, the Pandavas, scorchers of their enemies, got to know about all of these. As advised by Vidura, they never revealed all this.” (BORI CE)
Mahabharata Describe that Duryodhana was a tree of evil with Karna its scabrous trunk, Sakuni its crooked branches and Dusshasana its evil spreading seeded flowers and the root is Dhritrashtra.”
Whereas Yudhishthara was the Tree of righteousness with Bhima and Arjuna growing from him as the smooth trunk and far reaching and shade giving branches, twins were the beautiful flowers and the wide pervading perfume of that tree with Krishna and Brahma as the roots.
Our heroes and villains are instantly described in two slokas. One is a fellowship of blood, binded by women, one a mother and other a wife and rooted on altruism. Other is fellowship of selfishness, bound by greed, ego, ahankara, and rooted on self-interest.
But the post is not for Dharma vs Adharma or Arjuna vs Karna, so continuing with the original matter.


More:- https://www.facebook.com/notes/182224445633706/Karna:%20The%20Pupil%20of%20Drona/217890748733742/

Shree Hari

Deepak Kumar Jha (A Learner)


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