Special Horses of Maharatha’s Chariot

Divine Bow of Maharatha’s

Chariots warrior always select the best steeds as per their experience and suggestion from Charioteers, the horses were important factors for warrior’s Victory. The horses which were used in Great war, they all were beautiful as like as moon and as fast as wind and as learned as Great Devotee or servants.

The Charioteers should be also learned and should be knowledgeable regarding mandala’s and best way to enter in Vyuha and when he should to retreat and when should to advance against foes.


There were so many qualities and color of horses and their activities and their performance as well.

From Pandava’s group;

  • Yudhishthira, the tiger among men, of great impetuosity and possessed the fleetness of the wind, borne by steeds of the ivory hue and having black manes on the neck.
  • Prince Prativindhya, White steeds with black necks, endued with the speed of the mind, and exceedingly obedient to the driver.
  • Vrikodara aka Bhima’s car drawn by steeds of dappled hue (like: that of the antelope).
  • Steeds decked in trappings of gold, and endued with the hue of the peacock’s neck, bore that tiger among men, Srutakarman, the son of Draupdi (by Bhima).
  • Arjuna’s celestial car decked with gold, given him by Agni, was impenetrable in every part, and his white steeds also were endued with the speed of the mind. His celestial standard, bearing the blazing Ape, is exceedingly wonderful. The steed’s of that Car couldn’t be slain by Devas, Rakshas, Ghandharvas, Yakshas and not by human. (The superior one)
  • Whitish yellow steeds bore Sutasoma, the son of Arjuna, whom the latter had obtained from Soma himself.  He was born in the Kuru city known by the name of Udayendu. Endued with effulgence of a thousand moons, and because he also had won great renown in an assembly of the Somakas, he came to be called Sutasoma.
  • Excellent steeds of the hue of the king-fishers bore Draupadi’s son Srutkirti to that battle, who like Partha was an ocean of learning.
  • Steeds of a tawny hue bore the youthful Abhimanyu who was regarded as superior to Krishna or Partha one and a half times in battle.
  • The brave grandson of Sini (Satyaki) was borne by steeds of a silvery hue.
  • The irresistible Yudhamanyu, excited with rage, borne by excellent steeds of variegated hue.
  • Nakula had beautiful steeds of the Kamvoja breed, decked with the feathers of the green parrot.
  • Steeds of the hue of Sala flowers or of morning sun bore Nakula’s son Satanika worthy of every praise.
  • Sahadeva was borne by steeds, fleet as the wind, and of variegated hue.
  • Dhristadyumna, the son of the Panchala king, who was commander (of the Pandava army) and who took Drona as the victim allotted to his share borne by steeds of great fleetness in trappings of gold and of the hue of pigeons.
  • Dhristadyumna’s son, Kshatradharman of regulated vows was borne by red steeds.
  • Excellent steeds, the gift of Tumvuru, of the hue of unbaked earthen pots, bore Sikhandin, the Panchala prince of immeasurable energy.
  • Possessed of eyes of pure white, of the hue of the lotus, born in the country of the Valhikas, and decked with ornaments, bore Sikhandin’s son, the brave Kshatradeva.
  • Dark steeds of the clouds wrathfully bore Uttamaujas.
  • That great bowman among all the kings, viz., Sautabhi, borne by beautiful steeds capable of bearing every noise.
  • Excellent steeds of the (pale red) hue of trumpet-flowers, looked exceedingly beautiful as they bore King Virata.
  • Fleet steeds of yellow color and decked in chains of gold, bore with great speed the son (Uttara) of that slayer of foes, viz., Virata, the royal chief of the Matsyas.
  • The five Kekaya brothers were borne by steeds of deep red hue.  Of the splendor of gold and owning standards of the red hue, and decked with chains of gold, all of them heroes, accomplished in battle.
  • Sportive steeds, O sire, of the dappled hue of the antelope, bore the son of Sisupal, that tiger among men. That bull among the Chedis, viz., Dhrishtaketu, endued with great strength, and difficult of being vanquished in battle, proceeded, borne by Kamvoja steeds of variegated hue.
  • Excellent steeds of the Sindhu breed, of beautiful limbs, and of the hue of the smoke of straw, bore the Kaikeya prince, Vrihatkshatra.
  • Decked in trappings of gold, and possessed of the hue of red silk, quiet steeds bore Senavindu, that chastiser of foes, to battle.
  • Excellent steeds of the hue of cranes, bore to battle the youthful and delicate son of the king of the Kasis, that mighty car-warrior.
  • Gigantic steeds bore Yuyutsu to battle, that only warrior amongst the sons of Dhritarashtra who (abandoning his brothers) hath sided with the Pandavas.
  • Plump and well-decked steeds of the hue of the (dried) paddy stalk bore Vardhakshemi of great activity to that dreadful battle.
  • Steeds with black legs, equipped in breast-plates of gold, and exceedingly obedient to the driver, bore youthful Sauchitti to battle.
  • Steeds whose backs were covered with golden armour, decked with chains of gold, well-broken, and of the hue of red silk, bore Srenimat.


Shree Hari…

Deepak Kumar Jha (A Learner)


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