Special Horses of Maharatha’s Chariot

Divine Bow of Maharatha’s

Special Horses of Maharatha’s Chariot

Part 2;

The most famous chariot was what Agni deva brought to the Arjuna for his use for helping him consume Khandava Vana, the chariot of Varuna, built by Visvakarma and called Idamitthama. It came with four white horses raised by Gandharvas. The Chariot also came with beautiful Dhwajadanda and on the dhvaja sat a huge Vanara who was the size and ferocity of a lion or tiger, also called as KapiDhwaja. (NOT HANUMANA)

Beautiful and tall steeds of variegated hue and gigantic bodies, exceedingly docile, and decked with chains of gold Steeds of a red hue bore the Satyadhriti accomplished in the science of arms and in the divine Vedas.

Satyadhriti, and Sauchitti irresistible in battle, and Srenimat, and Vasudana, and Vibhu, the son of the ruler of the Kasis. These had fleet steeds of the best Kamvoja breed decked with chains of gold. Each resembling Yama or Vaisravana.

Excellent steeds of the hue of tawny silk, decked with beautiful chains of gold, cheerfully bore Chekitana.

Arjuna’s maternal uncle Purujit, otherwise called Kuntibhoja, came borne by excellent steeds of the colour of the rainbow.

Steeds of the color of star-bespangled firmament bore to battle king Rochamana.

Steeds of the hue of the red deer, with white streaks over their bodies, bore the Panchala prince Singhasena, the son of Gopati.

That tiger among the Panchalas who is known by the name of Janamejaya, had excellent steeds of the hue of mustard flowers.

Fleet, gigantic and dark blue steeds decked with chains of gold, with backs of the hue of curd and faces of the hue of the moon, bore with great speed the ruler of the Panchalas.

Brave steeds with beautiful heads, (white) as the stalks of reeds, and a splendor resembling that of the firmament or the lotus, bore the Dandadhara.

Light brown steeds with backs of the hue of the mouse, and with necks proudly drawn up, bore Vyaghradatta to battle.

Dark-spotted steeds bore that tiger among men, viz., Sudhanwan, the prince of Panchala.

Of fierce impetuosity resembling that of Indra’s thunder, beautiful steeds of the hue of Indragopakas, with variegated patches, bore Chitrayudha.

Decked with golden chains, steeds whose bellies were of the hue of the Chakravaka bore Sukshatra, the son of the ruler of the Kosalas.

Sukla advanced to battle with his standard and armour and bow and steeds all of the same white hue.

Steeds born on the sea-coast and white as the moon, bore Chandrasena of fierce energy, the son of Samudrasena.

Steeds of the hue of the blue lotus and decked with ornaments of gold and adorned with beautiful floral wreaths, bore Saiva owning a beautiful car to battle.

Superior steeds of the hue of Kalaya flowers, with white and red streaks, bore Rathasena difficult of being resisted in battle.

White steeds bore that king who slew the Patachcharas and who is regarded as the bravest of men.

Superior steeds of the hue of Kinsuka flowers bore Chitrayudha decked with beautiful garlands and owning beautiful armour and weapons and standard.

King Nila advanced to battle, with standard and armour and bow and banner and steeds all of the same blue colour.

Chitra advanced to battle with car-fence and standard and bow all decked with diverse kinds of gems, and beautiful steeds and banner.

Excellent steeds of the hue of the lotus bore Hemavarna, the son of Rochamana.

Chargers, capable of bearing all kinds of weapons, of brave achievements in battle, possessed of vertebral columns of the hue of reeds, having white testicles, and endued with the color of the hen’s egg, bore Dandaketu.

The mighty Sarangadhwaja, endued with wealth of energy, the king of the Pandyas, on steeds of the hue of the moon’s rays and decked with armour set with stones of lapis lazuli. His country having been invaded and his kinsmen having fled, his father had been slain by Krishna in battle. Obtaining weapons then from Bhishma and Drona, Rama and Kripa, prince Sarangadhwaja became in weapons, equal of Rukmi and Karna and Arjuna and Achyuta. He then desired to destroy the city of Dwaraka and subjugate the whole world. Wise friends, however, from desire of doing him good, counselled him against that course. Giving up all thoughts of revenge, he was fighting from Pandavas.

Steeds that were all of the hue of the Atrusa flower bore a hundred and forty thousand principle car-warriors that followed that Sarangadhwaja, the king of the Pandyas.

Steeds of diverse hues and diverse kinds of forces, bore the heroic Ghatotkacha.

Mighty steeds of gigantic size, of the Aratta breed, bore the mighty-armed Vrihanta of red eyes mounted on his golden car, that prince, viz., who, rejecting the opinions of all the Bharatas, hath singly, from his reverence for Yudhishthira. gone over to him, abandoning all his cherished desire.


Shree Hari…

Deepak Kumar Jha (A Learner)


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