Jayadratha – Victory, Achievement & Defeat

Jayadratha was the son of Vriddhakshatra and husband of Dushala (Gandhari’s Daughter). He was the great Car Warrior. Bhishma regarded him as equal to two Ratha’s.

He was one of the Akshahnipati’s and one of the major commander from Kaurava camp. He had stopped all the Pandava’s to entering in the Chakravyuha. He had large follower’s and he was the king of Sindhu.

Here is an INDEX of Victory, Achievement and Defeat in Great War (Mahabharata aka Bharata) by King Jayadratha.


Duryodhana’s Index

Yudhisthira’s Index

Bhishma’s Index

Ashwatthama’s Index


Karna’s Index


Sources: Gita Press Mahabharata and KMG Mahabharata. (EDIT – suggest missing part)


Stopped Pandava’s to enter in Chakra Vyuha – Drona Pava  (Chapter 42)



1st Day duel with Drupada – Bhishma Parva (Chapter 45)


Saved Duryodhana from Bhima and attack on Bhima – Bhishma Parva (Chapter 71)


Battle with Bhima and Arjuna – Bhishma Parva (Chapter 113 & 114)

https://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m06/m06114.htm &


Duel with Virata – Bhishma Parva (Chapter 116)


Fight with Arjuna – Drona Parva (Chapter 145)



Defeated by Abhimanyu – Drona Parva (Chapter 14)


Defeated and Slain by Arjuna – Drona Parva (Chapter 146)



Next Warrior

Maharathi Yuyudhana aka Satyaki


Shree Hari…

Deepak Kumar Jha (A Learner)


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