Geeta and the Supreme Godhead I – Baby and the Cowherd

Author – Pranshu Saxena

Radha the supreme Goddess

I would like to make it clear one thing. I am not a vaishnavite now. Knowing the people who call themselves vaishnavites, I would not in thousand years dream of associating with these rabid destroyers of Krishna’s good name.

Having said that, till last year, I sort of considered myself a vaishnavite till I met with this ilk.

See, I was born a Radhaswami. Esoteric and santmat stuff aside, what I took from that was very simple.

Krishna is God as Radhaswami. Well that’s it. It is Radha who saw the God in Krishna, the cuckoo transplanted in the nest of Yashoda. It was Radha’s love that made the cowherd chief’s spoiled butter eating matki smashing flutist son as something more than a butter eating, matki smashing muralidhara. And by the way, the nation remembers him as Makhanchor, Matkiphor, Muralidhara. No one calls him Geetadarshanika or BhagwataYana or anything like that.

No for the mango people, the fun god is Krishna.

Soordasa in Soorasagara is even more pointed. His God is not Krishna the cowherd but Krishna the child. I read it as a child so I may be mistaken. No I am not. There are 3630 verses on Krishna in Soorsagar. 3500 of them are on Balkrishna. Nandlala. Krishna the child or Krishna the shishu is the real God of Sooordasa. Not Krishna the adult.

CHILD is the God. Soordasa is very clear. As a child, I had plenty of time and I counted the slokas on child Krishna and those on adult. Krishna as Child is the God.

Then there was Jayadeva. His 24 songs celebrate the Love of Radha and Krishna but it is more than that.

It is Radha who saw Krishna as perfection, without flaws and without blemishes, the taranatarana of the masses. Krishna is God as long as Radha views him as such.

I remember and I may be mistaken, Geeta Govinda started with Nanda enjoining Radha to take little Krishna who is afraid of the dark night home.

Then Jayadeva launches onto Jagannatha Jaagdeesha, the song of Anand Math the movie. The dasavtara stotra, the jewel of Jayadeva. Each stanza is like a many splendoured gem and captures the entire mythology of one incarnation within the limits of a three line composition.

Dashavatara – दशावतार कीर्ति

Dasavtara Strota – The hanuman version

Jai Jagadisha Hare 

Krishna the child afraid of dark becomes God in company of Radha as he sets home. His avatars are described.

Jayadeva transcends the childhood to godhood in the love of Radha, in company of Radha.

And I always loved Krishna for his antics. Troubling Radha. Cheating on Radha. He is God in eyes of Radha but he daredevils his way through the Gopis and upsets Radha the font of his godhood all the time.

And they make up. Again and Again. That was the fun of Krishna. He is God who can do wrong.

Radha asserts the feminine discretion and pouts and he is no longer Radhaswami, no longer God. And she forgives him, who can understand women? Let alone Radha. And He is God again. Krishna said in Geeta that he comes again and again.

To err is Human and to fogive Divine.

Guess who was erring and who was forgiving that philanderer everytime!

Who is Human and Who is Divine?

He! In Gokula alone, he takes avatar again and again as Radhaswami. Lalitaswami, Vistaraswami et all..

It is the Gopis who give him the godhood. The love. The love he returns and he does not discriminate! That is why they pout. He does not discriminate.

What is use of a God who does not return love? That god may be a stone statue for all that helps the devotee.

The contract of Bhakti is the contract of love between the God and Devotee and there is anticipation of reciprocation.

And God is in image of the man! So, God needs to have the foibles or understanding of man. God needs to have made the mistakes to understand that we are fallible creatures.

Else, how can he relate? How can he love?

Kahe banaye Toone maati ke putle?
काहे बनाये तू ने माटी के पुतले
धरती ये प्यारी प्यारी, मुखड़े ये उजले
काहे बनाया तू ने दुनियाँ का खेला
जिस में लगाया जवानी का मेला
गुपचुप तमाशा देखे, वाह रे तेरी खुदाई

तू भी तो तड़पा होगा मन को बनाकर
तूफां ये प्यार का मन में छुपाकर
कोई छबी तो होगी आँखों में तेरी
आँसू भी छलके होंगे पलकों से तेरी
बोल क्या सूझी तुझ को, काहे को प्रीत जगाई

प्रीत बना के तू ने जीना सिखाया
हसना सिखाया, रोना सिखाया
जीवन के पथ पर मीत मिलाये
मीत मिला के तू ने सपने जगाये
सपने जगा के तू ने, काहे को दे दी जुदाई

And that is why I love Krishna the God.

मीत मिला के तू ने सपने जगाये
सपने जगा के तू ने, काहे को दे दी जुदाई

He had the perfect spouse, perfect love, in that island, that calm eye in center of storm, that little world of Vrindavana was paradise. The outside world needed him. And he could not be detached. He could not break that attachment. Yeah and it preaches for 700 slokas to break the chains of attachment.
Physician heal thyself!

He left that place, he gave up his paradise, he gave up his love. He gave up his bansoori.

raadhe raani de daaro naa
raadhe raani de daaro naa
bansuri mori re

He gave himself Judaai so that he can teach the world. He gave himself the pain of separation that he can understand the pain we go through.

It is always stated that more humble you are more the heights you will achieve.
That is something the these pseudo-Vaishnavites cannot understand, they understand power! They understand fear! I am supreme!!

These people can never understand love! And that is why I call them pseudo-vaishnavites! Like Hrinyakshipu who said “I am Supreme”, their God is like Hrinyakshipu.

And they will never understand the power of Radha. These pseudo-vaishnavites would hate women. After all, it was a girl Radha who took afraid of night Krishna home.
The real supreme being would the most humble of all. The real supreme being would be Krishna who worships Siva daily.

Who is Greater?


The real supreme being would be Rama who was so humble that the knowledge he was Vishnu was a shock to him.

And to Lakshamana. I mean poor fellow spent 14 years doing veerasan every night outside the supreme being’s kuteera. He could have done some shavaasan as well if he had known.

And Krishna did not return to his paradise. Krishna was unblemished, pure form in eyes of Radha.

After Mathura, his hands were dipped in blood, of Kuvlyapida, of Chanura, of Kamsa. His mind was dipped in the morass of human politics and conflict.

His arms were the protection for the people of Mathura as Jarasandha send his armies to Mathura. He was now involved in the continuous warfare that will take the next 70 years of his life. He was no longer the God Balkrishna of soordasa, he was no longer the God
Nandlal the young man of Jayadeva. He was Vasudeva.

His heart was in Vrindavana. He left it with his bansuri.

And he was human. He was an avatar but he was human.

He was an avatar who promised his aunt that he will allow his cousin to hurt, kill, maim, rape other people. He would give that son of his bua, one hundred chances to reform himself.

He was an avatar who would kill his own brothers Srigala-Vasudeva, Paundraka-Vasudeva, Ekalavya, Sauvira et all.

He was an avatar and supreme being who could not force his own will on his people let alone others. He was an avatar who broke his oaths. He was an avatar who was human!
And that is why he is beloved. He gave us the free will. He was one of us. Only better. But still one of us.

प्रीत बना के तू ने जीना सिखाया
हसना सिखाया, रोना सिखाया
जीवन के पथ पर मीत मिलाये
मीत मिला के तू ने सपने जगाये

He allowed us to dream our own dreams. That is what a God does. He is a guide, he is a philosopher. He is only that if he can understand what we are. And to understand what we are, he has to be human!

Before I go onto Vasudeva. I always tried to understand the loneliness of Radha.
The strongest and thus most supreme beings in the Ramayana and Bhagwada are not
Rama or Krishna. The strongest beings are Urmila and Radha.

They were left alone, they were left lonely. They spent fourteen years in devotion to a cause for which they were not responsible and for which they had no reward.

Urmila and Radha let their men go for bettering the world for children who were not their own, for mothers, who were not their own, for weak and destitute, who do not worship them, for the earth, who is their mother.

I always took solace that Urmila probably had Takshaka and Chandraketu to look after. I always fantasized that Radha had Pranaa, Apana, Vyana, Samana and Udana to keep her company. Children are ultimate solace.

And that is why any Supreme God will always act as a Father to the children.

There is a hypothesis by the purveyors of the Big Bang Universe theory that Great Suns, the first Gods of Universe would have been born in the moment of the Big Bang, the Hiranyagarbha. Their lifetime would be fleeting in manner of microseconds that will then end as the wave of energy would radiate outwards towards the ends of universe constantly spreading, even now.

So the lifetime for those early huge suns would be twinkling of an eye and then vanish.
Just like the love that bloomed in Vrindavana for time and then vanishes as Krishna took the chariot to Mathura.

But Radha would remember every moment she spent with Krishna. She would live a thousand lifetimes in the memories of the time spent with Krishna. Tired and dispirited, she would slip into that memory world and in an instant Radha’s pain and fatigue would vanish, till she would wake and but in the next instant, the pain would be replaced by something worse.

Rula ke gaya sapana meraa
Baithhee hoo kab ho sawera
Wahee hain game dil, wahee hain chanda tare
Wahee ham besahare
Aadhee rat wahee hain, aaur har bat wahee hain
Fir bhee na aaya lutera

That is the dhairya, the shansheelta, the pain she took on. For us, she died daily and lived so that she keeps the heart of Krishna safe along with that bansuri.

Who is supreme? Why do we worship Radha? Why do you think we cannot picture him without her? Who was the one who erred and one who forgave?


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