Satyaki Index – Victory, Achievement & Defeat

Satyaki is one name that most of the Mahabharat readers are aware of and those who love the epic know how awesome warrior he was. But general public might not be aware of what he was and havoc he created in the great war. The name created fear in opponents and cheered up his allies. After Arjuna, Bhima, Abhimanyu and Gatotkach he was the toughest puzzle for the Kauravas. Satyaki was trained by the great Guru Drona and then honed his skills under the greatest warrior of that era Arjuna.He was loved by Lord Krishna and had his blessings. Yuyudhana better known as Satyaki  was a powerful warrior belonging to the Vrishni clan of the Yadavs to which Krishna also belonged. As per  the purans, he was grandson of Shini of the Vrishni clan, and adopted son of Satyaka.  A valiant warrior, Satyaki was devoted to Krishna and was a student of Arjuna. Not only he plays a great role in Pandavas victory specially in epic chase against time  by Arjuna to slay Jayadrath, he also gives us the most spicy moments of the epic.  Him challenging his opponents or his quarrel with his own general Dristhdyumna are some of the moments which add lots of sparks to the story.

Here is an INDEX of Victory, Achievement and Defeat in Great War (Mahabharata aka Bharata) by Satyaki


Duryodhana’s Index

Yudhisthira’s Index

Bhishma’s Index

Ashwatthama’s Index


Karna’s Index


Jayadratha’s Index


Victories and achievements

Defeated Alambusa the mighty demon

Then again defeated and finally killed Alamvusha

Fought Duryodhana, Shakuni, Dushashana and defeated them alone.

Defeated and killed Vyaghradatta and routed Magadha forces. Kauravas became cheerless and Drona was forced to face Satyaki

Satyaki proved that he what he learnt from Drona and Arjuna he was able to keep their name by fighting even his perceptor and his great son

Rescued Dristhdyumna from Drona by showing great prowess

Fought valiantly with Drona and showed his superhuman capacities baffling every weapon of Drona and breaking his bows

In order to protect Arjuna tried to break Drona’s vyuh. Fought Drona skillfully and wisely avoided him to enter the vyuha

Defeated Drona and made his soldiers cheerless

Over powered Ashwathma and Drona had to rescue his son

Defeated AShwthama again and made him carless

Satyaki performed greatly against Kritverma another mighty Yadavas warrior but fighting for enemy side

Defeated Kritverma after entering the vyuha and injured him and left him behind

Again defeated Kritverma and further damaged his forces

Defeated Kritverma

Blocked Kritverma

Defeated and beheaded Jalasandha

Defeated Duryodhana and being badly injured the kuru king fled

Killed king sudarsana

Alone he destroyed combined attack of various kings, warriors from different region. When he was creating havoc it frightened Dhritrashtra. Sanjay narrates how he Dushashana tried to bring dangerous fighters and melachhas to stop him but none would confront him. He badly defeated Dushashana and Kauravas were destroyed.

Fought and killed Burishrava aided by Arjun. Here Burishrava was able to overpower him due to boon.

Having already killed Burishrava he also killed Somdutta

Karna was a mighty warrior but Satyaki was no less and he fought him as well. He at times fought him in group attacks and at times alone.

Defeated karna and made him carless even when Karna was being helped by several warriors Dussassana, Duryodhana, Kaurava brothers, Aswathamman (son of Drona), Kritavarman, and Vrishasena. Alone Satyaki vanquished them all. He here spared Karna’s life for vow of Arjuna

Defeated karna and Duryodhana, and Drona and Jayadratha, rescued Karna from the Satyaki-ocean, as the former was about to sink into it

Fought karna and Vrishsena together and defeated Vrishsena and injured him

After battling Karna and beating Vrishsena, he then  with great speed defeated Duryodhana

Killed king of Mlecchas Salwa

Defeated Shakuni



Thrown away by Bhagdutt elephant

Badly beated by Bhurisharva due to boon and on verge of being killed but saved by Arjuna in the nick of time

Overall Satyaki proved himself to be kind of invincible and had upsets only in group attacks which were common from both sides. More or less he did not have major defeats as such. He was however overpowered at times for a while like by Karna once and once Drona but was praised by Krishna, Arjuna and Dhrit as well.


Next Warrior

Mighty Sahadeva



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  1. Anonymous

    WOW!!! First time I have read the complied victory/achievements and defeats of Yuyudhana the mighty Madhava.

    He was the true disciple and friends of Arjuna, bow down to him.


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