Thank You

We would like say Thanks to all the visitors of the Arjuna The Victor blog. We cannot express our full thanks, but hopefully these words are a start. We are grateful to have the support of people like you all.

The Mahabharata is not belongs to one race or organization or any individual. It is belongs to whole universe itself. It has huge wisdom which can be acquired through great learning of The Great Mahabharata.

This is the first time that our blog has been visited by 5000 plus visitors. It has not been achieved by our editors effort at all. It is all about your blessing for the Arjuna, the Mahabharata and our team.

We are not the good writer at all. However, We are just trying to analyze the Mahabharata with the eyes of wisdom and trying to put the conclusive theories over Mahabharata. This is not the first time that we all are doing this, it has been practiced from ancient era by so many philosophers and scholars.

Please give us your valuable feedback to make it better resource for The Mahabharata information and also suggest us, how we can deliver more resources for all, including ourselves.

Thanks for visiting again and blessing for our editors and writers.

Shree Hari…

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