The Page is bowing before to Narayana (Krishna) and also his Shakha (Dear Friend) Nara (Arjuna) the supreme human being.

The Page is Dedicated to Greatest Hero of the Great epic of the World (Mahabharata aka Bharta aka Jaya).

अर्जुनः फल्गुनो जिष्णुः किरीटी श्वेतवाहनः |

बीभत्सुर्विजयः कृष्णः सव्यसाची धनञ्जयः ||

The Atiratha Warrior Arjuna, who was named as Vijaya(Victor), who held the Great Bow Gandiva.

Be active to know more about the Best among men (Narottam).

Directly reach out at – ArjunaTheVictor@Gmail.com


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