Brahmastra – ब्रह्मास्त्र

Divine Bow Arrows Special Horses of Maharatha’s Chariot Brahmastra holders are always regarded as expert in Dhanurveda. There are only few Maharatha's who held it and were knowledgeable about the releasing and withdrawing.  We always count Brahmastra (sometime Brahmashir) as highly destructible weapon and it is belong to the creator himself (Brahma).  As Drona said …

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Divine Bow

Shiva had his favorite bow named Pinaka (Not Vijaya) Shiva had another bow Ajagava, after that Prithu held that bow. (Vishnu Puran - Shiva had another bow Named Shiva Dhanush broken by Rama in Sita Swayamvar Krishna/Vishnu had Saranga bow Indrayudha is Indra's bow or the rainbow Karna had most powerful Divine bow Vijaya …

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