The Qualities of Pandavas – Episode 2A – Prelude

Author: Pranshu Saxena Qualities of Pandavas and Kauravas: This is a series post written by Pranshu sir on the page called The Real Mahabharat of Sage Vyasa. The Qualities of Kauravas aka Kuneeti – Episode 1 Commentary on Bheeshma (and Chanakya)’s interpretation of KanikaNeeti - Prelude Vyas and Sootji arranged the Mahabharata into 100 plus Parvas. In …

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COTW – Indian Scriptures*

Part 1: Creation of the World Part 2: Creation of the World: Science Part 3: Chronological Refrence In the previous Part, we have read the creation of the world according to Bible (4004 BCE) and Science (4++ Billions years ago), now the time from our Scriptures. I will include the maximum references from history (Mahabharata and Ramayana), Puranas, …

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Chronological Refrence

Part 1 : Creation of the World Part 2 : Creation of the World: Science Additional Reading : WHAT IS EARTH? Before I will go and write the long articles on Mahabharata Chronology and Age of Manvantras, Yugas etc, we would have to learn first about the Chronology. Chronology is closely connected with history and archaeology. The …

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