Why Karna was slain by Arjuna?

- Krishna - The supreme soul or Vedanta or Complete Purusha himself. (Bhagwad Gita) - Arjuna - Individual soul or Prana or Breath of Man (Pandava's) - Yudhisthira - As Budhhi or intelligence of Man - Bhima - As Mind of Man - Nakula and Sahadeva - Arms and Legs of Man - Draupadi - …

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Special Horses of Maharatha’s Chariot

Divine Bow of Maharatha's Chariots warrior always select the best steeds as per their experience and suggestion from Charioteers, the horses were important factors for warrior's Victory. The horses which were used in Great war, they all were beautiful as like as moon and as fast as wind and as learned as Great Devotee or servants. …

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Divine Bow

Shiva had his favorite bow named Pinaka (Not Vijaya) Shiva had another bow Ajagava, after that Prithu held that bow. (Vishnu Puran - http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/vp/vp048.htm#page_101) Shiva had another bow Named Shiva Dhanush broken by Rama in Sita Swayamvar Krishna/Vishnu had Saranga bow Indrayudha is Indra's bow or the rainbow Karna had most powerful Divine bow Vijaya …

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