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Creation of the World

As earlier, we have read the Chronology on Mahabharata, where we have started from Svayambhuva Manu (Who Created himself) in 4100-4000 BCE and Vaivasvata Era started in 3100-1400 BCE. So where does it come from, the world has created around 4000 BCE? Before, I start this long article post, let me clear it, it will… Continue reading Creation of the World

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Tree of Dharma Synonym and Antonyms

Part 1 -  Tree of Dharma Part 1 Part 2 - Tree of Dharma Sahodara Case Part 3 - Tree of Dharma Freedom of Expression The Synonym Antonym Case The Tree of Dharma is based on the Trunk called Bhima. Its branches are Arjuna. The flowers and their sweet smell are the twins. The roots are the… Continue reading Tree of Dharma Synonym and Antonyms

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The beauty about the Mahabharata, is that there are many profound anecdotes embedded in the fabric of the story, some in mainstream versions, some in folklore. The purpose of these tales is really to give a deeper understanding of the characters, and more importantly, a deeper understanding of ourselves. They act as windows through which… Continue reading THE WINDOW WITH A VIEW OF OURSELVES